The spirit of entrepreneurialism brought to the politics of renewal

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Reevaluating capitalism for a new generation. Capital is a store of value.  We need to recognise, enhance and celebrate capital value in all its essential forms.

Which capital matters most to you?

  • Human
  • Environmental
  • Institutional
  • Cultural
  • Social
  • Intellectual
  • Political
  • Financial

We founded the Big Tent Ideas Festival to create a new way to experience real politics.

Independent and open to all, it reaches across the artificial political divide.

It is a place when tolerance and civility, intelligence and participation, are firmly front and centre. Where tired slogans of the left and right can be put aside.

Hear and challenge the policy makers. Speak and be challenged by our most thought provoking analysts and commentators. Be a part of an influential conversation that frames future policies.

Capital Ideas Foundation Ltd - a non profit company